Biyyam Pindi Vadiyalu (400grams)


Biyyam Pindi Vadiyalu: Crispy South Indian snacks made from rice flour, sun-dried, and deep-fried for a deliciously crunchy texture.

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Biyyam Pindi Vadiyalu (బియ్యం పిండి వడియాలు) 250 grams:

Biyyam Pindi Vadiyalu is a traditional South Indian delicacy that hails from the Telugu-speaking regions of India. These crispy treats are made primarily from rice flour, which is mixed with various spices and herbs to create a flavorful batter. The batter is then spread thinly on a flat surface and left to dry under the sun until it forms a firm, papad-like consistency.

The process of making Biyyam Pindi Vadiyalu is both time-consuming and meticulous, requiring skill and patience. After the batter is prepared, it is carefully spread out in circular shapes on plastic sheets or cloth and left to dry under the sun for several hours. Once the vadiyalu are completely dried, they are carefully peeled off and stored in airtight containers for future consumption.

When it’s time to enjoy Biyyam Pindi Vadiyalu, they are deep-fried in hot oil until they puff up and turn golden brown. The result is a crispy, crunchy snack that is bursting with flavor. These vadiyalu are typically served as an accompaniment to rice dishes or enjoyed on their own as a tasty snack.

The flavor profile of Biyyam Pindi Vadiyalu can vary depending on the spices and herbs used in the batter. Common ingredients include cumin seeds, sesame seeds, red chili powder, and salt, which add a savory and spicy kick to the vadiyalu. Some variations may also include additional ingredients like garlic, curry leaves, or asafoetida for extra flavor complexity.

Overall, Biyyam Pindi Vadiyalu are a beloved delicacy in South Indian cuisine, cherished for their crispy texture, aromatic spices, and irresistible taste.


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